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Hostel Rules of Accommodation

Logovo Hostel represented by its Administration is glad to welcome our guests. We are ready to provide the most comfortable conditions for the visitors, and we will do our best to make you feel at home during your stay in our hostel. Before checking in, please read the hostel rules of accommodation.

Hostel Check-In and Opening Hours

We work seven days a week. We accept requests for accommodation 24 hours. The estimated time is as follows:

  • When checking-in at 14:00 – if a guest arrives earlier, the total fee includes a payment for half a day according to the current rates.
  • When checking out at 12:00 – a later check-out is allowed; in such a case a customer pays an additional charge of 50 % of the daily rate.

During the check-in, the customer needs to confirm their identity by a passport or an equivalent document. Foreigners, in addition to a passport, are required to provide the hostel staff with a migration card issued when crossing the state border of Ukraine.

At check-in, guests are asked to fill out a questionnaire as confirmation that the information provided to them is true and accurate. Filling out the personal information serves as the customer’s formal consent with the following hostel rules of accommodation:

  • Persons are allowed to check in if they reached the age of majority or they are accompanied by adults (if under 18).
  • Persons accompanying minors, including children groups, are responsible for their safety.
  • If there are free places in a room, the Administration retains the right to sell them to other visitors.
  • The choice of payment form and rates for services is within the Administration’s direct competence.
  • In case of family accommodation, children under 5 are not provided with a separate bed, and the accommodation fee is not charged.

These rules prohibit:

  • Accommodation of pets in rooms and on the hostel’s territory
  • Storage of perishable food.
  • Storage of weapons (both cold and firearms).
  • Storage of explosive and flammable substances and materials.
  • Placement of bulky items in rooms.

Security Guarantees

The hostel is equipped with a modern indoor and outdoor CCTV system. A registered visitor receives a personal key to the room for the entire period of stay. When leaving a room, hand over the key to our employee at the reception. In case of the key loss, the customer must pay a charge that will be determined by the Administration,

Hostel staff is not responsible for the safety of the belongings left in the room. We recommend keeping cash and valuables in a safe deposit box.

Accommodation Conditions

Our main task is to provide each guest with a calm and comfortable atmosphere. To achieve this, we are taking all the necessary measures. If any guest poses a threat to the safety of the rest of the hostel visitors, the Administration reserves the right to refuse further accommodation. At the same time, violators will not receive any compensation of funds they have paid.

By paying for a room, the customer receives a number of additional services and bonuses, namely:

  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • A set of dishes and kitchen equipment.
  • 24-hour access to toilets and showers.
  • An iron, a hair dryer and a washing machine;
  • The required number of towels and bed linen upon check-in;
  • Free storage of valuables in individual lockers.

By agreeing with the Rules of Accommodation, the visitor undertakes to observe order and keep the hostel clean. There is a quiet order from 22:00 to 08:00. Its non-observance equals to an administrative violation.

Separately, we remind you of the need to comply with the fire safety rules. Using heating devices, smoking and drinking in rooms are prohibited.

When using kitchen equipment and utensils, carefully clean up and wash the dishes after yourself. Cleaning of the territory and premises is carried out every day, while guests undertake to maintain cleanliness in their own room about common areas (showers, kitchens, bathrooms).

These Rules prohibit:

  • Inviting strangers to rooms.
  • Handing over the keys to persons not living in the hostel.
  • Leaving the doors open when leaving the room.

You are allowed to invite guests from 9:00 to 21:00. Places for meeting guests are limited to the kitchen or dining room.

If the guest’s actions resulted in damage to or loss of the hostel’s property, a fine is imposed on them. Its amount is determined according to the approved price list.

An exceptionally friendly business form of communication between guests and the hostel staff is allowed. The following actions are deemed violations:

  • Communicating with others in a rude manner and in a raised voice.
  • Using swearing and obscene expressions.
  • Intentionally polluting the hostel.

Violators of the above rules will face early check-out from the room without any compensation.

Our staff will be happy to help resolve any issues that arise during your stay. We wish you a good rest!

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