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12 Dolinskaya St.
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Econom Room

  • Number of people:4
  • Two bunk beds
  • Fridge
  • Air conditioner
  • Individual lockers
  • Individual socket
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Table by the window and two sofas
  • Sun blinds
  • Card key
  • Flat screen TV with digital TV
from 175 UAH

This is the best option to rent a cheap room in the hostel with the maximum set of amenities. Two wide bunk beds are suitable for a family of 4 people or a company that has come to rest in Odessa. The room is cosy thanks to the well-thought-out space arrangement. Near the window, there is a table that can be used for eating or working on a laptop. You can connect any gadgets and household appliances to individual sockets.

Thanks to free Wi-Fi, you can access the worldwide web at any time. There are 2 sofas for relaxations, and a flat-screen TV with digital channels will allow you to watch your favourite films and TV shows.

The room is locked with a card key, and individual lockers are quite reliable for storing personal belongings. The summer heat is not felt in a comfortable room due to the efficient and powerful air conditioner. The room is protected from bright street light by sun blinds on the window, and a compact but spacy refrigerator will keep products fresh.

If you pay a small surcharge, you can rent the Superior Room. More information about the room with a mini-kitchen can be found on the “Superior Room.”

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